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Based in a long experience in cryptocurrencies we developed a new section in ZBL where we centered our efforts to advise about Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO). We are the first legal services company of the world to offer this kind of advise. 

We just created our own Operating Agreement for DAO LLCs which were issued by the State of Wyoming on July 2021and are the first legal entity on this area. DAO LLC are a solution for many factors involved on the day-by-day activities of a DAO. The State of Wyoming covered with its law a long time discussion about which is the best legal solution in the contracts area for this organizations. 

Beside to be proudly leaders at global level regarding the legal side of DAOs, we are developing our own DAO Factory building a fantastic team of developers specialized in Solidity (which is the language to code smart contracts), so in that way we are working to provide a complete range of services that cover legal services, development and support. 

Please go to Contacts if you have any questions about this service. 

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